Rocket: A Simulation on Intercultural Teamwork
Dr. Jessica Hirshorn


Review by Dr. George Simmons, USA and France

"Hirshorn provides excellent, clear objectives and instructions, taking into account the wide range of audiences who may participate in the simulation from public and private sectors, as well as from education and volunteer groups. Materials are provided and each team is given its characteristic set of behavioral rules as well as cards describing each persons role on their team. Name tags identify each team as well as its members. Constraints appear not only as cultural behaviors, but economic and political challenges are seeded into the role play as well."

Bottom line: A rich, well thought out and well instructed simulation; highly dependent on very effective preparation and facilitation and, in the end, skilful debriefing of the participants; some feeling of historical déjà-vu given the shifting relationship of the international partners in todays economic and political environment."

"A must-have for anyone involved in intercultural skills development." -- Geremie Sawadago, Senior Human Resource Officer, the World Bank Organization

"A valuable and engaging teaching tool that introduces basic concepts of intercultural communication and conflict resolution while generating a significant amount of creativity and enthusiasm among participants." -- Jonathan Gordon, PhD, Director of Assessment, Georgia Institute of Technology
Review by Burkhard Bratke, Germany

"...I found the instructions in the book helpful and supportive in the preparation of the simulation. The checklists and timelines worked out just fine. The workshop on intercultural communication where I performed the Rocket simulation with 28 participants went well."

"In my opinion the Rocket simulation is an excellent interactive exercise well suited for trainings, courses, classes or workshops on intercultural communication. The exciting setting of the Space Station Program should provide for a good portion of enthusiasm on the side of the participants from the beginning. The hands-on activity of building a rocket model provides for even more excitement.

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